Birman Cats

Whether you grasp it instantly or find yourself questioning the presence of cats on this website, here’s the backstory: “Birman” refers to a highly uncommon breed of Burmese cats. A dedicated community of Birman cat enthusiasts has maintained websites for years. However, due to an unfortunate coincidence, “Birman” shares its spelling with my surname. Consequently, a Google search for “Birman” yields cats, not people.

I’ve held onto the domain since its registration in 1995, patiently waiting since 2000 for the day it would become available. Finally, in 2023, that day arrived. While I’m delighted, I sense there are enthusiasts anticipating feline content on this website. To assist these individuals, I’ll compile a list of other Birman cat websites to help them navigate the online Birman community.

So, here’s the list:

As I work on expanding this list with more names and links, if you happen to be the Birman cats website owner and would like to be included, feel free to reach out:
welcome [at] birman [dot] com