Other Birmans

I’ve been waiting for Birman.com for 23 years. It might sound like a “first world problem,” and, sure, life goes on without it. But, being in the digital industry, not having it always bothered me a bit. Now that I finally got it, I have lots of plans for how to use it – for myself, my family, my company, and, of course, the internet community. I’ve identified two groups that I think would find mentioning on this domain name useful: other Birmans, and Birman cat enthusiasts (why cats?). While the name Birman isn’t as common as Berman, Bierman, or Biermann, there are still plenty of people with it. Here’s a list of websites related to Birman people that I found:

Dan Birman – dbirman.com
Dan Birman – danbirman.com
Carl David Birman – carlbirman.com
Ilya Birman – ilyabirman.net
Georgi Birman – birman.nl
Alexandre Birman – alexandrebirman.com
Birman Group (four Birmans at least) – birman.co.il

As I work on expanding this list with more names and links, if you happen to be another Birman and would like to be included, feel free to reach out:
welcome [at] birman [dot] com